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Bangkok Tree House

The Tree House is not for everyone. For your sake and ours, please read on to find out whether you and the Tree House are a compatible match:


We won't, don't, can't fumigate the area to get rid of insects and other local species.As we are in tropical country, we do have mosquitoes but the gentle river breeze helps makes insects less of a problem.

We have beautiful outdoor showers in most of our nests, where only birds and other animals can see you. Our nests do have bamboo curtains you can pull down.

We do not have air-conditioners in most of our public space but instead rely on the natural river breeze. All our nests do have small but efficient air-conditioners so you can sleep in comfort while having minimal impact on the environment.

We do not have roads for cars leading to the Bangkok Tree House, the only way to access our secluded location is by foot, bike or boat.

You will love the Bangkok Tree House if you love trees, plants, exotic lizards, birds, fireflies, cicadas, butterflies and mother nature.


The Bangkok Tree House is a celebration of nature, read our "Green Alphabet" to see how green we are:



ir quality control : All hotel areas are strictly smoke-free for the health of our guests and the environment. We also grow "air cleaning plants" in our guest rooms that help purify the air and produce oxygen at night.


amboo structure: Bamboo is sustainable as well as beautiful, that is why you see a lot of bamboo in the Bangkok Tree House's wall, floors and even ceiling.


arbon free cooking: Our solar cookers offer for your welcome drink: we have dried natural local flower: Butterfly Pea/ Roselle/ Chrysanthemum/ Quince to served you for welcome drink


og friendly: you don't have to leave your pet alone at home. Of cause, you can bring them here to have a wonderful holiday together


nergy efficient lighting: Edison patented the incandescent bulb in 1879. We are thankful, but in the 21st century we will only use super-efficient LED and CFL bulbs.


resh food fanatic: Food at the Bangkok Tree House is always in-season and 100% 'artificial anything' free. Our Table d'hote or prix fixe menus feature three choices for each dinner course: seafood, Thai and vegan - highlighting fresh, seasonal and organic produce. Since we can better plan our meals, there is less inventory and even less kitchen waste.


reen roofs and walls: Organic vegetables are grown on the hotel premise to provide the kitchen with fresh produce all year round while help keeping your room cool.


iring policy: Hiring locals who live within walking distance from the Tree House is just one way we are making an impact. (Okay this is not a green policy, but you'll agree that it's a good policy.)


ncorporation of local community: Quality herbal soaps, shampoos and food products for guests are sourced from local sellers in the vicinity of the hotel.


oint-purpose design: We equipped the Bangkok Tree House with eco-intelligent design and appliances so we don't need to sacrifice any of our guests' comfort in our quest to become green.


itchen compost: Kitchen & natural waste are all composted at the Bangkok Tree House. Composting reduces waste stream for the landfill, approximately 23% of which comprises food and other natural waste


ine-dried laundry: Sunlight does not only cut energy consumed in drying linens and towels, but also effectively bleaches and disinfects


aking use of renewable energy: At the Bangkok Tree House, 100% of our outdoor lights and restaurant lights are powered by wind and solar energy. (Did you know that in one hour more sunlight falls on the earth than what is used by the entire world population in one year?)


eighborhood community, we also be friendly with our neighbor such as hiring local staff, buying vegetable from local market, using local public transportation. So that we can create job and more income for community.                        


ne day bicycle trip, provide by a local guide. Let's escape from busy city to touch green atmosphere and local living by your self


olaliod shooting, keep your good memories with us before saying goodbye, one day if you come back, you can see your momories and feeling as the same :) .FOR FREE!


uiet sanctuary in Bangkok: Isn't that an oxymoron? We assure you that even though the we are only five minutes or 1.5 kms from the BTS sky-train (Bangna station), we are world away from hustle and bustle of Bangkok.


iver View, we located beside Chao Praya River and among the Nipa Palm forest, so at the roof top of the room you would be surround by both kind of nature.


aving electricity: We only use the most energy-efficient electrical appliances at Bangkok Tree House


rash free river: Trash is removed from the river for every stay at the Bangkok Tree House. One kilo per every booking.


pcycling: Discarded juice cartons were used to insulate our walls, used plastic drums were used to build our pier and reclaimed wood was used to build our walkways. Upcycling is the new recycling!.


egan friendly: We don't use any leather or other animal byproducts in the Bangkok Tree House. Vegan choices are also readily available in our pescetarian restaurant (we serve seafood but do not serve meat.)


onders of a green island: The Bangkok Tree House is situated in the "Green lung of Bangkok"- which can be clearly seen from Google Earth. The island remains very natural and covered by a vast expanse of fruit orchards and native vegetation. Why not explore the area's wonderful bike path with the free bicycles we provide? This promises to be a 
                             unique experience!


enodocheionology is a love of hotels: if you are a die-hard xenodocheionologist you're going to love the Bangkok Tree House. (Can you help think of a better description for X?)


ou check-in, your iPhone checks-out: we'll provide a 15% "digital-detox" discount for all you playuhs who can leave your crackberries - or any mobile phone for that matter - in a locker during your stay with us (for permanent residents of Thailand only.)


ero waste goal: We are striving to eliminate all types of waste by following our "6 Rs" of sustainable living: Refuse, Refuse, Refuse, then Reduce, Reuse & Recycles
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